Environmental Studies

KCE offers a comprehensive service in environmental and pollution management studies for a wide spectrum of activities, and through every stage of a project’s development. Our environmental impact assessment team comprises personnel drawn from a broad range of scientific disciplines. KCE services include ecological surveys, noise, air and water pollution modeling, together with the design of mitigation methods and full project audit. Our environmental assessment work is not restricted to the physical environment, but includes specialist advice to prevent negative impacts on, and encourage the development of, the human and the social environments.

Examples of recent projects where our environmental consultants have been instrumental to the success of the project include:

  • Yeka Abado Housing Development project
  • Meskel Entrance & Basha Wolde Housing Development project
  • Bole Ayat III, Bole Ayat IV, Bole Ayat V, Yeka Ayat III and Bole Submit II Housing Development project

Our principal activities in environmental studies include:

  • Environmental impact assessments to determine the effect of engineering projects on natural ecosystems
  • Identification and planning of measures and controls to avoid and alleviate environmental damage
  • Surface water and groundwater pollution control
  • Hydrological and ecological studies.

The environmental effects of the development of water resource, water supply and wastewater scheme will be a major source of concern and KCE aim to engage on a number of studies to identify the environmental impact of such schemes as well as preparing proposals to avoid or minimize environmental damage for the main scheme components in water, wastewater and storm drainage and ancillary works such as access roads

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